Wednesday, July 15, 2009

From Order to Disorder

I started this morning early as usual. The sun could barely be seen over the eastern horizon from my back yard. I poured a cup of coffee from the coffeemaker my wife set up the night before. Immediately after sitting down, I glanced around at the living room which was was in total chaos and disorder. It was a literal mess.

We had child-proofed our home for a visit from our one year old grandson, my daughter, and her husband. We blocked stairways to prevent the toddler from falling and put our delicate collectibles out of reach. But my grandson was more than we expected.

A cursory inventory of the the living room revealed three balls that varied in color and size; a fire truck and dump truck; bean counter; musical tambourine; rocking horse; picture books; miniature chair that belonged to my daughter when she was his age; three puppets (wolf, rabbit, bird); a toy barn turned over and small animals all over the floor; and an assortment of other things to entertain a one year boy.

While doing this quick survey of what looked like the results of a tornado, I was reminded of what my grandmother said to my mother when I was a young toddler: “Charlotte, don’t bring that boy over here again.” I disturbed my grandmother’s orderly world. I understand more clearly what she meant now. One year old grand kids bring delight but disorder.

Although I usually like order, I will take my grandson and his disorder anytime.

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